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Customers always want to hear what other customers have to say about a given product, service provider, supplier, etc. They do it to not only protect themselves from frauds, but to also help them find the provider with the best offerings; prices, customer support, reliability, etc.

Within the e-commerce sector, a lot of consumers rely on customer reviews on e-commerce websites. By reading honest customer reviews, consumers are able to guess what other consumers’ experience at the hands of various sellers on those platforms teaches them. This significantly reduces the chances of bad experiences occurring, like one disappearing after collecting money!

Despite being in the same space, essay writing companies don’t have an elaborate review system to protect their customers from fraudsters operating within the industry. For this reason, a lot of their consumers suffer because they spend money with very little info on vendors at their disposal. aims to help students in much the same way as traditional consumer reports do for mainstream service providers.

Students as consumers

Students invest a lot of money in getting great essays written on their behalf by essay writing companies. To protect their privacy, many of them, including essay writing companies shield them from the public, which makes it harder to tell whether their experiences were good or bad. Like their mainstream spenders/consumers, students need to be given access to information about vendors they trust their futures with.

Why review essay companies

It’s obvious that a lot of essay writing companies hire great essay writing professionals to help them with their customer essays. It is also clear that a good number among them scam their customers, provide below par work, or overpromise while under delivering at a premium cost. goal while reviewing essay writing companies is to show the truth between the extremes. Our users, most of them college students can be a bit more confident with their choices after reading reviews on this website.

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How it works

Students who have ever spent their hard earned money on essay writing companies come to this website for the sole reason of reviewing services they have used in the past. Our team also goes out to check out what each reviewed essay writing company offers, while checking for aspects customers would consider important; customer support channels, payment options, etc. We also rank top services from the customer reviews to help our users find the most optimal results.